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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Transitions of an Overachiever

I, by definition, am an overachiever. My whole life has revolved around my achievements, or currently my lack thereof. I'm not quite sure how I adopted this mindset, habit, personality trait, whatever you wanna call it. Overachieving is my strongest and my weakest trait.

Some people may label me as a perfectionist as well. Personally, I know better. I'm a random perfectionist. I'm much more specific than generic. If I'm passionate about something I will be a complete perfectionist. On the other hand, if something interests me little or becomes a boring laborious task, I might be a complete slob with it. Hence, the description of myself; random perfectionist.

The life of an overachiever has many ups and downs. For me, anything less than a super achievement is a failure. The feeling of failure is the biggest struggle of my life, no matter what it is in reference to. I hope that one day I can overcome my insatiable failure reflex.

So that's a bit of who I am. I would love to be able to tell my story and share my adventures with you. For now, I'll share what I'm currently going through. My husband and I are trying to have a baby. We've lost 6 pregnancies over the past 7 years of marriage (8 years in September). After not getting pregnant in over a year and much prayer, we decided that it was time to begin fertility treatments. Our doctor has given us some encouragement and reassured us that my next pregnancy will be much healthier due to be monitored heavily and with the help of the fertility medicines. While the encouragement does help, I'm still very apprehensive about future pregnancies. But I serve a God who is more than capable of helping us delivery a beautiful healthy child. It is God who we rely on for strength and guidance, through His help alone will we achieve a successful pregnancy.

I have completed two cycles of the fertility treatments. I am currently in the dreaded waiting period. I have one more cycle before we'll have to try another fertility treatment. As each day passes (so slowly at times), I am one day closer to finding out if my life will change forever or stay the same. This is one transition that I'm looking forward to .

Other transitions...not so much...


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