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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Very Quick Update on...

I had to stop taking Biotin because it was actually making my blood sugar levels be higher in the morning and to fluctuate often during the day. I was very sad that I had to stop taking Biotin because it has many benefits for PCOSers, such as normalizing blood sugar (well not me), helping boost metabolism, raising good cholesterol, and helping the liver to metabolize fat out of your blood stream. It also has been proven to help with restless leg syndrome, mild depression and lethargy. I saw a major improvement in my restless leg and even felt overall somewhat more positive than usual. Unfortunately this is just another treatment that works opposite of what it should with my body.

I have been using Natural Progesterone Cream for 12 days. I have two more days of rubbing 1/4 tsp. on each night. At the end of the 14 days, I should have a normal AF (aunt flow) on my own without the use of medications (like Provera). AF should come within 5 days after stopping the cream. I will write my experiences with using the cream vs. placebo in a few days. I know that several people have been curious about this particular treatment.

I am recovering from the flu and have been unable to take any natural treatments other than my cream for several days. I hope that my short hiatus will not alter the overall effects of the treatment so far. Again I'll report on this in a few days and will finally list the benefits of the treatments I'm currently taking.

Until then.....

P.S. You can check out my Twitter above (and on my other blogs) for the latest up-to-date, in your face type updates from me. It's sorta like bullet prayers, but not prayers, just bullet thoughts.

Oh and a bit of eye-candy.... Take a look inside my pantry at all the organic vegetables we've been eating and loving.....

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Faith said...

Hi, Melody. I got your comments on my picture. I tried to reply but saw that there were errors like "too many redirects". They got through anyway though and I saw my 6 attempts at replying, lol. I have a reply there though.

It's nice to see another woman who loves the Lord :)

About the RLS and blood sugar and stuff. I was starting to develop RLS, but it has completely stopped after I stopped consuming foods with free glutamic acid (also called MSG interchangably). I suggest looking into avoiding it. It's up to you but I can't even begin to describe how much I've improved since I've stopped eating MSG (best thing of all though was my asthma going away and losing 40lbs with no exercise on the same amount of calories, hehe. Oh and that ravenous appetite is gone. I'm normal again).

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