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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sample Mobile Posting

I discovered a way to post directly to my blog from my cell phone tonight. This entry is just a sample to see if it actually works. I'm excited at the possibility of being able to blog anywhere I can get cell phone reception. Although I may have to go back later and do some spellchecking. LOL. Ok that's enough for a sample entry.


Computer Edit: Apparently apostrophies don't work very well when translating from my phone to Blogger. So from now on I know to use a period instead. It won't be exactly right, but it will look better than a bunch of computer jargon.


Korey said...

That's cool, I'd get to frustrated trying to type on my phone.

Thanks for the word of encouragement! I love ya!

Linda said...

That is amazing!

Love Ya!

Stephanie Joanna said...

wow, how in the world did you figure out how to do that??? That's so neat!

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