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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Mistakes

I was just randomly reading the headlines on my Yahoo homepage today when I stumbled on the following article. It sparked my own curiosity. For those of you who are parents or caretakers of children, how do you get children to try new foods? Do you commit any of these 'food mistakes'?

Looking back on the times I've cared for children, I've been guilty of a few. The no children in my kitchen rule has probably been my biggest no no. There have been times I've offered to teach children how to make something, but in general the kitchen is the me zone. I think that stems from my creative side. I like to be alone or in my own space when I'm busy creating something, whether that be writing, crafting, scrapbooking, and even cooking. There are some crafting things that I like others present or like to do while spending time with others, like crocheting and knitting. But in general I enjoy my own creative space away from the distraction of others.

I've also been guilty of hiding the 'good stuff ' aka the non-healthy stuff. I guess that shows that I shouldn't have that stuff in my home if it's not good enough for a child to eat. I need to work on this area.

And then I got to the part of the article that spoke about mothers that diet and how that affects their daughters. My mother always dieted when I was a child. Although she rarely needed to be on a diet, it was a household obsession and I can see how that's affected my own eating habits. I can't remember when I didn't know what calories, fat, and calories from fat meant. I remember looking at my milk carton in school and wondering if I was going to get fat from drinking it. Ironically, I did start to gain weight in 4th grade. That's when my little pot belly formed shortly before puberty began. I was so embarrassed and did everything I could to get rid of that pot belly. I felt guilty and wondered what secret calories I'd been eating that my mom didn't know about. Ultimately I hadn't been eating any extra or exercising any less, those were the beginning effects of PCOS. I wish I had known then and started some sort of treatment. Some 18 years later, I still have that pot belly....and more. I wonder if this will be an obsession of my own when I have a little girl someday. Will I look at her calories, fat and carb intake so closely that I'll make her feel the way I felt as a child? Will I be so paranoid that PCOS will affect her as well or will I be able to allow her to be a normal child no matter her genetics?

Interesting article though.....please share your thoughts.



Korey said...

This was a very interesting article. I have used the force bite method for sure, and it was used on me. I think it's important to learn from these kinds of mistakes so the next generation has a healthier relationship with food.

For His Glory said...

interesting...i've made mistakes for sure. my folks definitely "made" me eat....this or that...and to this day i don't like the stuff. i'd like to think i was more flexible with my kids, probably too flexible...i know i didn't do real well with healthy balanced meals amongst all the illness and other things going on, though we tried Thank God he redeems what satan seeks to destroy. my kids all seem to enjoy food...and seem to have far more appreciative taste buds than i. (must take after their dad)

Liberty said...

That was a good article. I have to say I disagree with not pressuring the children to take one bite. My children would NEVER eat if I didn't have them do that. :)

Stephanie Joanna said...

Mel, I am soooo guilty of sending people out of the kitchen when I'm cooking! Thanks for sharing the article, I'll be sure to store it away for when I have children of my own!

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