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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bullet Style ;-)

A quick bullet style update:

* Spent most of yesterday re-organizing all the books in the house - all 4 bookshelves now look great with room to spare ;-)

* Getting ready this week for our trip next week - I'm going to get to see Baby Grayson again. I'm so excited to see him and his mommy, Adrian. We should have time to see all the family too and I can't wait to just get away and be happy with them all.

*Starting my 2009 inspiration journal - I'll be sharing some of it here and some at my creative blog (that's way overdue for an update).

*Felt a lot more joy lately...unexplainable joy. In a has been LOVELY !

* Took the Scripture memorization challenge over at the LPM blog. I'll post about this on the 15th when we change to another scripture.

* Going to the gym for the first time on Friday. I'll be spending a couple hours there and vow to not be too hard on myself.

* Have a home appointment with a friend from church on Friday - I'm doing a one on one session teaching her how to knit. I'll be going back in two weeks to see her progress.

*Now I'm off to do my bible study and quiet time while taking a nice long bubble bath....well just as soon as I figure out what music I want to listen to on the CD player in the bathroom. LOL.


BTW, I've finally narrowed down my goal list for 2009 and plan to list it soon. Oh and you remember that thankful entry I never posted last year. Well it'll be ready soon too, possibly in multiple parts. I took a long time to reflect on it and found that God blessed me more than I even had realized. I think it's been a healing process for me.


Nicole said...

yay for Joy!

Anonymous said...

Joy is the best :) I hope it continues!!! :)

Adrian said...

Its not long till your here! Yay! How did your day go at the gym?

Melody said...

Well...I never made it to the gym. :-( Part of it was a money issue, part of it was little sleep the night before, part I guess was just chickening out.

I will make there....eventually...once I get back from your house Adrian.

Korey said...

Yay for Joy! Also I hope we get to see you while you are down here!

For His Glory said...

you are so encouraging, melody. have a great trip!

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