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Monday, July 20, 2009


After re-reading my Sad Sally post this morning, I started thinking about the origin of my sudden emotional low. I began taking my soy isoflavones 5 days ago so that I could resume ovulation. It's about that time that I began feeling these sudden lows coming on. I'm also quite crabby at times too. So maybe the soy is influences my moods a bit more than I thought. It doesn't change the fact of the way I feel, but it does give me some hope that its not just me.

I have been trying to focus on other things today. There's a little project that I've been pouring myself into. It's a surprise for that special little girl in my life. I'll share it with you all as soon as she sees it. I'm also beginning to plan next years' garden. I know that sounds a wee bit strange, but my step dad told me a few days ago that he'll plow out a large garden plot for me next year on his property. EEEEEKKKK I absolutely can't wait to grow all the lovely vegetables. I'm planning out which ones I want and can grow in this area. So far I have quite a list going. I'm going to make the list and then sit down with RL so that we can fine tune it.

Then there comes the matter of how to preserve our crops next year. I plan to start buying a few canning supplies pretty soon so that I can buy them slowly over time. That should help reduce the initial cost of buying them all. I think my mother-in-law will let me borrow a few of her canning pots to use, so I'm going to focus on the jars and the smaller items.

You will probably be hearing more about this little venture of mine in the next few months. It's strange because I never dreamed in a million years that I would enjoy gardening this much. The food you grow yourself (mine is organic) tastes so much better than anything store bought or restaurant prepared. I actually enjoy eating vegetables now. It's good for my morale and my health !

Ok I'm off again to go relax with my knitting. I have fresh green beans in the crock pot and am going to steam some brocolli in a bit. Yummo !


Tina Pelletier said...

did you not like vegetables before?? i have a hard time enjoying's like my taste buds don't like them or something. i wonder if they would taste different fresh out of the garden??

Melody said...

Tina, actually I didn't really like many vegetables before. I would eat them just because I knew they were good for me, but I didn't really like them. So yep I believe eating them fresh from a garden made all the difference.

Korey said...

Having a garden sounds exciting. Ours hasn't grown as much as we'd like up it's starting to bud some cute little veggies. Good luck.

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