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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remembering Our Babies : Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month

I'd be honored if you'd join with me in honoring the lost babies around the world.  Many times people have asked me what they could do to help or ease my pain from our many losses.  I'd never really known how to respond till about a year ago.  The best way to help someone through this kind of pain is to honor the child that was lost.  Validate the sense of overwhelming loss and grief that the mother and father are bearing.  Last Mother's Day was particularly hard for me because we'd lost a baby a few months before.  In fact, our baby was due to be born on Mother's Day.  I shared my heartache in a few Facebook status updates.  People showered their love and support on me.  It was one of those most healing things I'd ever experienced. 

In 2008, I received an unexpected text message from a college friend on Mother's Day.  It was a Mother's Day blessing.  I cried as I read it, but it made me feel so much better because someone had remembered me.  I believe you are a mother from the time that a child is formed in your womb.  I know this isn't common place, but I know that there has been life inside me before.  The life God formed inside me was for a purpose; even if that purpose didn't directly relate to parenting a child.  I am the mother of 10 children; children who are waiting for me in the very presence of God.

Before I become an emotional mess, I'll end this post with one last request.  If you know someone that needs your support, please don't hesitate to offer your love.  We don't need a day picked out to honor and cherish those children and their parents.  We need people who care for others on a daily basis.  I do hope you'll join me on this special day though.  May it's purpose be inspiring to your life.


ETA:  These graphics are a bit on the cheesy side of life, but overlook them.  It's the meaning behind all that cheese that matters.


Tina Pelletier said...

october 15th...must keep that in mind.
thanks for sharing this with us.

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing this. I know of so many women (and men) who have experienced this pain. :(

Korey said...

Thanks for sharing this Melody.*hugs*

Adrian said...

Thanks for sharing this. I will remember this day. *hugs* Love you!

Stephanie Joanna said...

this post is really beautiful Mel - thanks for sharing your heart with us. I'll be praying for you & all the other mommies out there who dance between mourning and hoping.

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