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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

27th Birthday

I actually had 2 days of celebration this year. The first was on Monday Aug. 18th. My husband and I took a day trip to Chattanooga for some shopping and an eye exam for me. We had a nice day out, relatively uneventful, just nice and relaxed. I came home with some lovely items from the craft store and a new eye prescription with new contacts.

I was having some trouble focusing the contacts that evening but I thought nothing of it. By the next day, I was having major issues with the contacts and could no longer read anything closer than arms length. Using my laptop was near impossible, even after magnifying my screen to 200%. So that meant that it was time to return to the eye doctor.

I got another appointment scheduled for my birthday (Friday). It just happened by chance that my husband and mother didn't have to work. So we all loaded up that morning and took off for birthday celebration #2. *chuckles* I didn't mind at all.

When we got there we had to rush to my appointment before we could go shopping. My eye doctor told me that the distance between my eyes and contacts vs. my eyes and glasses had a major difference with the strength of my prescription. My brain just couldn't comprehend the strength of my new contacts, so I had to return to my old prescription. I can use my new prescription with my glasses though. The doctor gave me a different set of contacts and I headed out of the office.

We then went next door to look at glasses at Lenscrafters. I'd already looked at them on Monday and had an idea of the pair I wanted. I knew that I couldn't afford them though. My mom encouraged me to try on glasses again. I showed her the ones I liked the most. And surprise, they were my birthday gift ! So an hour or so later, I came out with these...

So what do you think? They are by far the most stylish glasses I've ever owned. LOL. I can remember when I wore glasses so big that they covered my little round cheeks. I look back at those pictures and ponder about how I ever thought those looked good one me. Oh well, I'm sure we all have 'those' pictures.

We didn't shop much in the mall after that. We ate while we waiting on my glasses to be made. I was looking around the mall for Lane Bryant only to find that it has been moved out of the mall. Boo, that's the kind of change I don't like. We drove to the local Lifeway bookstore where I purchased a new book for my Sunday school class and a new Willow Tree figurine.

I've always had a fondness for this collection. I think what draws me most to them is the life symbolism each of them have. Each one can represent different stages of life, different feelings, emotions, etc. I have received two as gifts and have purchased 3. When I look at them on my mantel, I think about different aspects of my life. The first one I received from my former boss. It symbolizes our unique friendship. The second was an unexpected gift from a dear friend who wanted to encourage me to never give up hope. I bought the next one at Christmas to symbolize the place where my husband and I were at during that time. The largest of my collection was purchased for me by husband to celebrate our love. And last but not least, the figurine at the left is called angel's embrace.

For me, this symbolizes that our lost children are in the arms of heaven. They have received the utmost of care and love. I take comfort in that on my hardest of days. I once saw an angel, the one I believe to be my guardian angel. She was small, had childlike features and light brown short flowing hair. When I saw this particular figurine, I saw HER. The tears immediately flowed down my face, but I also felt God's arm wrap that comfort around me too.

I've looked at that figurine on my mantel many times since then. It no longer brings tears to my eyes, but a smile to my face. God gave me a smile for my birthday.


Adrian said...

Your new glasses look great on you!! That's a beautiful figurine and what it symbolizes.

Lauren said...

I love those new glasses!

And I have one Willow Tree figurine and I really like it. I love the blank faces.

Korey said...

I like your new glasses! I also like the Willow Tree figurine. I've seen them a lot and always considered buying one. I think it's a real blessing that God could give you a smile for your birthday! I hope you had a good one!

Hippie Housewife said...

What a beautiful figurine. *hugs*

Liberty said...

I love the glasses! You're stylin'!

Shannon & Christina said...

I love your glasses too!

I think the Willow Tree figurines are beautiful. I own a few myself! I love the symbolism of the one you just got. Beautiful.

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