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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Time for A Change

Change is the only constant thing in life....
I guess that's never been more true to me than in the past year. I rather like the changes though. They were difficult, at best, but change can definitely be a good thing.

I watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea this weekend. The main character, Anne Shirley, always feared change. As an orphan, she grew up in many terrible homes before accidentally being adopted by Merila, a middle aged lady who had a beautiful farm named Green Gables. Anne was supposed to have been a boy to help on the farm. She brought a new world to Green Gables, one that was often chaotic. Amongst the chaos a young lady emerged, poised and elegant, tragically flawed from childhood, but full of dramatic dreams and aspirations. Experiences had changed, but life itself had not changed Miss Anne.

As the story progresses and life happened for Anne, she would often stop and question, "Why must everything change? Why can't things just stay the same?" I've always related to Anne because I myself have often pondered on these same thoughts. Of course, I know that to live is to change, but why must all the good things in life change? Why must things that we once held sacred change? Why must people grow up and grow away from you? These are thoughts that I will never have concrete answers to, nor could I ever truly explain if asked.

The purpose of tonight's entry was to discuss how I'd like to redecorate my blog here, but suddenly my fingers took hold and the words began to spill out onto my unsuspecting keyboard. It's times like these that I simply adore and hold dear. Ironically, it's a time that I hope never changes because it's moments like these that God truly speaks to me and through me.

Change is inevitable, this I'm certain of. I guess in life it doesn't really matter what changes, but how you react to those changes. How does one begin to cope with something that's so unexplainable though? Maybe I shall you leave you with that thought...


maybe I shall leave with a thought all my own. God's done some important things in my life lately; things which I can't even begin to articulate or adequately describe. For me, it has been a time for change; a season of growth; a way to renew my trust in God; and by far the biggest blessing in disguise ever. So in retrospect, maybe just maybe, the answer to why things change is simply: God wills it so.

Father as you see fit, let the times of change come in my life for Your glory alone....



Nicole said...

I love those "fingers take over" moments

It seems I'm constantly in a battle of wanting certain things to change NOW and other things to stay forever. And sometimes those things are the same thing.

strange creatures we are.

JD said...

We live close to PEI, and visited all the Anne of Green Gables tourist attractions while we were there. PEI is an amazing place, where the countryside with cows grazing on green grace alongside golden wheat fields merges with the red cliffs alongside the deep blue sea. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else on earth. No wonder L.M. Montgomery was inspired!!

As for change, I welcome it, to me it says that God is moving me along through this journey of life. I believe that change is 10% what actually changes, and 90% how we respond to it :o)

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