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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reflection and Praise

This Easter weekend means so much to us as Christians, yet we often forget to stop and truely thank Jesus for the sacrifices He made for us on the cross. I'm guilty of forgetting to stop and thank Him. But tonight I want to stop for a moment and give Him glory.

It's such an often occasion that I find myself lost in my thoughts about my life. I think of the sacrifices I've given. I think of the losses I've experienced. I think of the unanswered questions and the uncertainties that face me everyday. But how many times have I truely thought about the sacrifices or the losses that Jesus endured? How many times have I thanked Him for not calling every angel down from heaven to help Him off that cross? How often have I thought about what God went through having to turn His back on His Son that day?

In all fairness, I don't think the human mind can fully grasp everything that Jesus did for us that day. But I believe that God allows us to have enough understanding so that we may be thankful and forever grateful.

Abba, my heavenly Father, I thank you for sending Jesus to this Earth to be my Perfect Lamb, the Perfect Sacrifice for my sins. You paid the ultimate price all because You loved me and wanted me to join You in heaven someday. I know that I have failed to recongnize Your sacrifices so many times. Please forgive me for only thinking of myself at times. Help me to lift my eyes up to the Maker of heaven and Earth.

Jesus, my Savior and Lord, thank you for allowing yourself to be nailed to a tree and suffer a horrible death all for my sake. Thank you for always being about Your Father's business. I ask that You help me to do the same. I can't imagine what You must have felt that day hanging on that cross, but I take time today to be thankful for Your personal sacrifices. You died at such a young age and I'm sure that was not only hard on your family but also You. Please help me to see that I can do great things for You in the limited time I have here on this Earth. Praise Your Name Jesus and I Bless Your Name ! I'm so thankful that You rose again on that third day and are alive forevermore. May You radiate through my life each and every day.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


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