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Sunday, April 17, 2011

By Grace Alone - Review

A few months ago I was sent an invitation to do some product reviews for (in)courage and  Dayspring.  I sent my choice and application in and hadn't heard a word from them.  Honestly I'd forgotten all about it until I found a lovely surprise in my mailbox late last week.  Here's what came to my home to review...
Photo Directly From the Product Page

This beautiful set designed by Melissa Reagan came all individually wrapped.  The necklace and earrings were in nice black velvet bags.  The bracelet came in a small box.  As you can see each one features the "by Grace alone" stamping based on 1 Corinthians 15:10.  The back of the necklace is inscribed with the scripture reference.

My initial reaction (after the surprise of course) was how nicely this set was made.  The scripture was right on time and I've been meditating on that particular passage most of the week.

Positives: It's nice and sturdy, but not too heavy.  The metal is smooth and has a handmade quality to the edging.  The metal doesn't smell at all, which is personally a huge issue for me.  I've worn the necklace for several hours at a time and there's no sign of any discoloration to my skin.  The earrings hang about mid-neck on me, so they are a decent size dangle. The welds on the bracelet seem to be very solid. I especially love that the necklace can be worn with either side facing out.

Negatives:  The bracelet didn't even come close to fitting my wrist.  In fairness, I do have a large wrist and don't normally wear bracelets.  The earrings are not heavy, but they are heavier than I usually wear for earrings that dangle.  I might wear these to church or to dinner for a few hours, but take them out when I got home.

In Conclusion:  If you are looking for a nice gift set for yourself or someone special, I'd encourage you to consider this set as well as the many others you'll find at Daysprings.  It was a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to review this set.

Oh and here's a coupon code to help if you decide to purchase.  Receive free shipping on $25+ order. Coupon code: shipping25 through 06/09/2011

Photo Directly From the Product Page

GIVEAWAY:  Since I'm not able to wear this beautiful bracelet, I'd like to pass it along to one of you. Here's a couple ways to enter.

1) Leave a comment below about how the grace of God has impacted your life. (I plan to write on this later this week. )

2) Become a blog follower with Google Friend Connect  (in the right hand bar).  You can follow either this blog or my creative blog Creative Radiance Designs

3) Follow Creative Radiance Designs over on Facebook.

Simply leave those in a comment below.  Drawing will be closed Friday April 22nd at Midnight EST.


Disclosure: I was provided the above products for free with only the request to share my thoughts about them with my blog readers.  I'm under no obligation to give a positive review of the product or the company.  These words are my honest opinions.


Lauren said...

I love these! I've seen these before and they're so well done and not tacky or anything.

Hmmm I think I'd be able to fit the bracelet.. you said I had smaller wrists in the car, remember? LOL

1. Hmm, I feel that by the grace of God I have been led to truth in doctrine by coming in full communion with the Catholic Church.

2.Already follow your blogs.

3. Followed your page. :) :)

Hippie Housewife said...

Lovely bracelet!

The grace of God has taken the bad I've brought about in my life and used it for good and for His glory. Praise be to Him!

Adrian said...

I love the whole set! So pretty.

By the grace of God I am saved. He reminds me every day why I need Him so much.

I follow your blogs & page. :)

Stephanie Joanna said...

That bracelet is beautiful and I love the message on it. I am reading a book called The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. It's about the parable of the prodigal son and about the amazing grace God has for His children - how He loves and longs for us even when we blatantly reject and dishonor Him. God has been challenging me to be more "graceful" to the people in my life.

Rob and Corrie said...

I've been admiring this set! Thanks for the opportunity.

My hubby and I have been talking this week about God's grace in NOT answering our prayers according to our wisdom, but His own. This requires that we get to know Him better so that our mind will become more conformed to His.

I became a follower {blog} and "Like"-er {FB}

Happy Easter.

Jus and Kat said...

I love that bracelet too! I feel God's grace in my life with all the blessings he's given me (a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, etc.) in spite of all my flaws.

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