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Sunday, April 24, 2011

To You

To My Sweet Little Boy,
  Today we would have celebrated our first Easter together.  I would have dressed you up like a handsome little man in the adorable outfit that now hangs empty in your closet.  We would have went to church and celebrated this beautiful Resurrection Day of our Lord and Savior.  Your daddy and I would have been overjoyed watching you hunt for Easter Eggs in our yard and would have shared some yummy treats together.  We would have celebrated the wonderful life that God had so richly blessed us with.  I wanted so much to celebrate you.
   Unfortunately for reasons beyond my control, you are not with us now.  I still mourn your loss, but I know that God still takes care of you.  He still holds you even though I can't any longer.  I love you my dear child, more than I could have possibly even dreamed of loving a child.  You are forever a part of me.

Love you always,


Adrian said...

*huge hugs*

Korey said...

*hugs* Melody, I wish I had something to say that could make you feel better, but I feel like it would just seem trite. I'm always praying for you guys.

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