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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals

I'm a few days behind in getting my goals posted for 2010.  I went on a youth trip on 12-29 and returned early on 12-31 due to a sudden illness.  I won't go into all the details, but let's just say that absolutely nothing would stay down and I went downhill quickly.  I'm still not well and have barely held anything down since Wednesday.  I suspect I picked up a nasty stomach virus while on the trip.  I'm just glad that it appears no one else came down with the virus.  I'd rather be sick than have a child get sick.

Christmas 2009 came and went by so fast.  I didn't have much time to really enjoy it because I was so busy working on gifts and all the details.  I want this to be different in 2010.  So that leads me to goals for 2010.

1. Live life in the today.
I spend way too much time living for what's coming next that life seems to just pass by without me really even noticing.  It's time to change that.

2.  Enjoy life more.
This goes hand in hand with the first one.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.

3.  Finish things I've started.
I'm tired of leaving things so unfinished.  I want to set reasonable goals and bring them to completion to the best of my ability this year.

4.  Continue to allow myself to be human.
I've been working on this the past couple years.  It's all part of my transitions theme.  I allow myself the right to succeed and fail, simultaneously.  I allow myself to feel.  I allow myself to have human emotion, reactions, non-reactions, etc without guilt.

1.  Do the Photo 365 Project.
I know a lot of people are doing this.  I was inspired to do this in October when I stumbled upon a blog about letting go.  I'll likely be posting a weekly or bi-weekly posting of my photos.  I don't plan to do any themes (unless I change my mind). My main goal is document my everyday life.  I'll be using my Flickr account to do this (and of course blogging too).

2.  Take more photos in general.
I'm guilty of letting months go by and not picking up my camera.  I'd like to change that for 2010.  I once had a deep passion for photography and I let that go by the wayside.  It's time to live again.

3.  Actively look at my personal style and attempt to find it.
I'm going to try several methods including an inspiration journal and participating in some online style forums.

4.  Just go for it ! Designing, Writing, Drawing, Painting.....Anything that comes to mind !
I want to fill up the sketch book that I carry around.  In fact, I might have to buy 2 or 3 this year!  I'm not going to hold back.  No fear, no shame.

5.  Use up as many supplies as I possibly can.
I want to completely declutter and de-stash my craft studio.

6.  Make my craft studio creatively inspiring instead of just functional.
This could should be fun !

7.  Knit myself a sweater !
I've made several for others, but none for myself.  It's time I can wear some of my own lovely handknits.


1.  Stay active.
I have a horrible habit of being active for a while and then having setbacks.  I'd like to be as active as possible.

2.  Loose the first 50 pounds.
I've decided that I want to loose the first 50 pounds before we actively begin trying for a baby again.  For my health and the health of the child, I believe it will be best.  This is a very hard decision because it means that we'll be loosing several months of time trying.  I'll need lots of encouragement with this one.

3.  Continue the natural treatments.
The natural way is still working for us and I couldn't be more happy about that.  I do need to find a doctor that will be ok with our natural choices.

4. Organic Gardening
I'm excited about our spring/summer plans for organic gardening.  I'm looking forward to the fruits of our labor.


1.  Read the Word more.
I'm committing to reading the Word more along with my sisters in Christ at our group forum.

2.  I'm letting go.
I want to let go of those last things from my past that have held me captive.

3.  Seek God before contentment.
I've found myself seeking contentment above other things.  I want to feel ok with the place I'm in, but I really need to seek God.

4.  Fall back in love with God
I want to renew my love for God.

That's quite a list, but I feel every bit of that is attainable.  If you haven't done a goals list yet, I encourage you do so.


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Adrian said...

These are some wonderful goals Melody. I know you can do it! I still need finish & post my goals.

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