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Friday, May 23, 2008

TTC Update

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I have some wonderful news to share with the blog world.... NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM WORKS FOR ME !!!!!

I'm so excited, can't you tell? Finally after two cycles of progesterone cream I finally started a new cycle and can continue this natural path of trying to conceive again. After such a hard road getting here, this has renewed my faith and encouraged me to continue.

Today I began taking Soy Isoflavones to encourage my body to have healthy ovulation. I will take 120mg cycle day 3-7. So far I've just been a little extra crampy since taking the Soy. I was a bit grossed out by the smell of the Soy too. But as long as I don't burp them up, everything will be fine there.

I'll begin checking for ovulation at day 10 or so. There's a new test kit out now that offers 20 strips in one kit, so I'll be using that one for the next couple cycles until everything regulates. To all you pregnant ladies out there, send me some baby dust ! LOL.



Adrian said...

I'm so happy for you! *sprinkles baby dust*

Nicole said...

yay for you!

For His Glory said...

such exciting news, you're in my prayers, love and hugs.

Korey said...

I'm excited things are going well. I think Adrian is having a boy. I had a dream that she had a boy.

Liberty said...

that is so wonderful!

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