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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

I should have posted this information in my past entry about apple cider vinegar. My step-father introduced me to it. He informed me that many people 'way back when' used this remedy to help them achieve a healthy pregnancy. I'd heard about it many times before on different boards and things, but didn't give it much thought. However, when I researched it I found that there are countless benefits of using ACV. Here's a link to a very thorough website.

Specifically I'm taking ACV to lower my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. In doing so I should also see a few pounds drop. As well, ACV is supposed to clean out your system, purify your blood and level out all your ph levels. All of those things combined will help my fertility.

Currently I'm taking 2 teaspoons twice a day diluted in some hot apple cider and a drop of honey. I tried taking it in water and I absolutely couldn't stand the smell or the taste. I can't taste it in the hot apple cider so that works for me right now. Also it's important to note that the unfiltered unpasteurized organic apple cider is the only one that is beneficial to your health, because it's the only one that contains the 'mother of vinegar' which are the little stringy things floating around in it. I was able to find mine at my local grocery store over with the condiments and pickles. But many people may have to go to a health food store to obtain the right kind.

Hope this information helps. Be sure to check out my last post for a real personal entry.



Meridith said...

I've read about the benefits of ACV but have never been able to get past the taste in order to take it regularly... but I'll try the warm apple cider & honey... sounds yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I was taking ACV for awhile for general feeling better, but then I stopped because I ran out and didn't bother getting more, lol, but I wasn't aware it had fertility benefits.

and re my layout: I LOVE this layout. I have been trying to find something for ages that would be purely my taste, but fit my blog, without being overly scrapbook-ish, since this isn't a scrapbook blog. I think I did it!

um, this is lauren. gosh, you're the only blog i read that forces me to use blogger, and I have several gmail email addresses, so you'll have to deal with me leaving comments with whichever happens to be signed in at the time!

Korey said...

I've heard of ACV used for weight loss, but not fertility. The taste is really hard to get past, but apple cider w/ honey is a really good idea!

Anonymous said...

Wooo! I see openid.

and re: the link to ACV. I installed a plugin last night to allow people to have their last blog entry linked. It's supposed to be there. ;)

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