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Monday, March 9, 2009

There Are Days...

There are days in ones life that mean more than others. Days when things just seem to click. Days that seem they could last forever and that you'd be happy till the day you die.

And then there are days that seem like life will continue to dredge along. Days when you question your whole existence. Days when you look at a photo and see only everything that's missing.

There's often a great divide in the mind; a divide that needs some sort of bridge. I have often looked for such a bridge, only to find it too is one of those things that's missing.

While this entry makes no sense to most, for me, it's a transitions of sorts. I believe it's the transition between emptiness and contentment. I desire the latter, but often feel the former. Yet very slowly, by God's grace alone, the emptiness seems to least for this day.



Adrian said...


For His Glory said...

i relate - many days i'm seeing the "photo" where everything seems wrong (at least with me) and other days (which sometimes seem to be the lesser of the two) i'm over the top knowing it doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full, but that there's something there and that it is my sufficiency for the time. as for the bridge, i really don't want to sound "cliche", but it truly is Jesus, our only way to God, and walking it towards our loving father. the enemy would love to keep us believing there is no bridge - but it's a lie. hugs and prayers and want you to know you are an encouragement for many!!

Korey said...

I think everyone feels this way about something at one point or another. *hugs* It'll get better.

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